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Traditional folk music on the Perfume River

Hue  in central Vietnam is the country’s former imperial capital and now protected as a Unesco world heritage site for its citadel (think forbidden city and Last Emperor on a smaller scale) and impressive emperors’ tombs scattered around the outskirts of town.

It’s early July and Vietnamese tourists make up the bulk of visitors here. We joined them for a rather corny evening boat cruise on the Perfume River, with traditional folk songs and music.

Turning the tinkle of crockery into a musical instrument, tiny teacups are played like castanets at amazing speed, producing a chiming sound almost like bells!

My favourite part was when this musician had finished performing, she zipped her teacups away inside a furry pencil case shaped like Mickey Mouse, who would keep them safe and sonorous for the next batch of tourists!

Teacups as castanets in Hue, Vietnam

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