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A cup of gold

Goodness, these tips are made for splurging! Coated in 24K gold that infuses into the brew. Pret-tea fancy. I wonder if my tea obsession will ever lead me to cough up the $480 for 50g. Never say never I say.

See TWG’s Yellow Gold Tea Buds here. 

TWG is my favourite brand for high end Indian black teas, like their first flush Darjeelings in April/May. The exquisite tea rooms are a close copy of Mariage Frères but their teas are superior in my view. 


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Today brings a good article from the BBC about how the French are renewing their tea drinking habits. While Lipton Yellow served in a coffee cup remains the norm, it’s becoming easier to find a good cast-iron pot of loose leaf tea to accompany your millefeuille.

Read France’s silent tea revolution on the BBC website.

Le thé à l’anglaise, Michel-Barthélémy Ollivier (1712–1784)


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I didn’t, until last week at Singapore’s Conrad Hotel. It’s as easy as one, two, three.

1. The teapot asleep.


2. Wake the teapot and the water drains downwards, leaving the tea bag high and dry.


3. Pour and enjoy!


Clever! Now I need to find the same design for loose leaf tea, because, really ….. tea bags? Honestly!

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Darjeeling Nouveau 2013 from TWG

Darjeeling Nouveau 2013 from TWG

Spring on the Equator is a bit of a non-event, so when the Darjeelings arrive, it’s like spotting the first blossoms on bare trees.

TWG in Singapore has just received the new first flush 2013 harvest of Darjeeling teas, air-flown from India. There are 12 single estate teas plus this “Darjeeling Nouveau” blend to taste and compare. I hope to try them all…

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Ippodo order

My delivery from Ippodo Online Shop

After two weeks impatience, I just received my shipment from the Ippodo Online Shop. Straight from Kyoto:
1 2012 Uji Shincha freshly harvested
1 Tancho-no-mukashi (matcha) + 1 matcha sieve
1 Hosen (sencha)
1 Shoike-no-o (sencha)

Wish I could share the delicious, fresh grassy aroma of the 2012 sencha through cyberspace!

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A mouthwatering article from Time magazine… Tea and croquet at London’s Goring Hotel…


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Un article sur enjeux économiques du thé sur lacroix.com
Article (in French) about why global tea prices are rising
Lire l’article / Read in French

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