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Thanks to Ippodo, Japan for today’s instructive e-mail on how to care for my beloved matcha utensils.

Handling and care of the whisk

Wetting the tips of the whisk (chasen) before using it makes them more pliant.
Rinse the whisk with water after using it. If any matcha doesn’t rinse off easily, wipe it off with your fingers. If some matcha still sticks, let it soak for a bit in hot water, and then rinse.

Make sure to dry out the whisk thoroughly before storing it, in order to prevent mold from developing.
We recommend storing it on a whisk stand (chasen-tate), a convenient item that maintains the shape of the delicate bamboo tips and keeps the whisk well aired while not in use.

– Whisk Stand

Handling and care of the tea ladle

Please do not expose your tea ladle (chashaku) to water or moisture!
When you’re finished using it, wipe it with a dry cloth or tissue. Do not rinse it with water! Rinsing with water will cause matcha powder to stick to it, and not come off.

– Chashaku

Handling and care of the tea bowl

Washing with soap or detergent can cause a tea bowl to retain the smell, so we recommend rinsing your tea bowl with water.
Matcha stains are difficult to remove, so make sure to thoroughly rub them off with your fingers. Your tea bowl should also be thoroughly dried before being stored away.

Note: Handling and care of tea bowls varies depending on the properties of the ceramic ware. When purchasing a tea bowl, check to see what its handling requirements are.”


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I didn’t, until last week at Singapore’s Conrad Hotel. It’s as easy as one, two, three.

1. The teapot asleep.


2. Wake the teapot and the water drains downwards, leaving the tea bag high and dry.


3. Pour and enjoy!


Clever! Now I need to find the same design for loose leaf tea, because, really ….. tea bags? Honestly!

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