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Ippodo Tea Co., Tokyo

Marunouchi Store, between Tokyo Station and the Imperial Palace

Kokusai Bldg.

3-1-1 Marunouchi Naki-dori

Tokyo 100-005

Tel. +81 3 6212 0202

10am to 7pm (last call in the tearoom is at 6.00 pm)




The Tokyo address is more expensive than the one  in Kyoto, no doubt due to its location in upmarket Ginza with neighbours like Hermes and Tiffany’s! The décor is modern , and the place lacks the historic atmosphere of Kyoto, but it is still well worth the visit.

I was shocked to see two men at another table sipping from espresso cups, until I discovered that they contained matcha, prepared in the traditional wooden bowl then poured into coffee cups for a modern twist.



The Imperial Palace East Garden, near the Ippodo tearoom in Tokyo

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