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70, Gwangbok-ro, Jung-gu, Busan

Tel. 051-246-5285

Metro: Nampo, Exit 1

O’Sulloc’s tea is organic and grown on volcanic Jeju island off the south coast of Korea. It is very hard to find outside of Korea and finding this outlet in Busan was a real treat. There is a shop downstairs and tearoom upstairs with a green tea based menu of toasties, scones and cakes. I was a little disapointed when my Illohhying green tea was served in a mug and the tea placed inside a teabag. I found the tea too light for my taste, and prefer O’Sulloc’s senjak and Master Tea which has much more body and just improves with each brew. We also tried a delicious oolong.

I’m all stocked up with Korean tea thanks to this find. The tea is expensive but well worth the price for the quality, delicious flavour and the way each cup unfolds, revealing new aspects every time your rebrew the tea. 

lunch at O'Sulloc in Busan

I was hoping for tea in a teapot

O'Sulloc tearoom and shop in Busan

Upstairs in the O’Sulloc tearoom

Lunch at O'Sulloc, Busan

Green tea pesto sandwich


If you do not speak or read Korean, you will need this map. Look out for Paris Baguette on Gwangbok-ro (Fashion Street), then you should spot O’Sulloc on the other side of the street, with a brown, corner facade. It’s open til 10pm. 

Nampo metro station is one stop from Jagalchi and the fish market. 

How to find O'Sulloc in Busan

O’Sulloc is on Busan’s Fashion Street

For more information on Korean tea, Visit Korea has a section on traditional Korean teas

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This article on Wake up World is an interesting read and has more depth than the usual “10 reasons why…” things we see everywhere.  I particularly like the part on theanine and how it induces an “alpha state of relaxed alertness”. This is why meditating monks would drink matcha and I can really feel how a bowl of good quality matcha quickly reaches my brain and changes my level of alertness without making me feel hyper or stressed. In the right conditions, it induces a reflective state and inspiration in me! 

“While most studies focus on catechins as active ingredients and effectors of physiological changes, green tea also contains the amino acid L-theanine, which is able to cross the blood-brain barrier. It has been shown to directly influence the brain by evoking an alpha state of relaxed alertness.”

10 Significant Reasons Why Regularly Drinking Green Tea Is An Awesome Healthy Living Habit! by Katrin Geist

Well worth the read, whilst sipping some green tea of course. 

 teanine and other health benefits of green tea    

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